Our Legacy

Through Time

Believe in beauty, search for it, create it.
If you are custodian of a long tradition, you may also
want others to appreciate it, to make a gift it
to connoisseurs of beauty, re-interpreting
the tradition for the present.
Weingrill goldsmiths since 1879 a tradition of fine craftmanship

Since 1879

In 1879 Carlo Weingrill chose to become a goldsmith. His energy, devotion and talent started a long tradition which has now reached its fourth generation. Our Legacy is bound to core quality and emotional values. Unique, unmistakeable and unforgettable: harmony given shape.

Everything that inspires emotion is a symbol of elegance. Ageless and distinctive.


A History of


Weingrill has made the skills of goldsmiths an art, with its own rules, tools and sensibility.
The basic requirement is to preserve the skills of fine craftsmanship and to create perfect objets d’art.

The excellence of the materials is exalted by each crafted detail and the touch of fine jewellery. The experience of master goldsmiths is handed down from one generation to next.

Weingrill tradition, skill and visibility.

A distinctive style given by interpreting cultural trends And fashioning them according to a recognizable Aesthetic tast.

A letter from the correspondence with Bulgari, dated 1933. Goldsmiths and designers may share many values, whatever their origin.

Unique Techniques and Balance

A distinctive style does not come naturally; it requires close observation of the culture of the age, and a keen eye for form and line. Creativity is the art of balance, a way of turning subjective impressions into an entire aesthetic.


Tools and techniques were devised in-house over many years, creating unique and unforgettable items.