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Weingrill Family has been an inspiration for goldsmiths worldwide since 1879. During over a century of experience in trading and manufacturing Gold and Luxury items, we’ve built a Network of Art Collectors, Art Bids, and wealthy private buyers from all over the world. 


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Carlo Weingrill since 1879 and Carlofilippo Mensi Weingrill, is dedicated to buyers and collectors from all over the world through direct channels, trade fairs and Auctions – collaborating with auction houses of international significance – with the aim of proposing jewels and precious items in line with the trends and demands of the Italian and international market.

Particular mention is reserved for antique jewels of unparalleled charm, as they represent often non-reproducible handcrafted creations, witnesses of the extraordinary execution capacity of the goldsmiths masters – among which we also include those of Carlo Weingrill – and artistic expressions of rare elegance. Finally, certified diamonds and precious gems that attract collectors and buyers from all over the world rapresenting an investment holding a value which lasts over time, also find excellent results. We therefore invite you to contact us by email or through the appropriate form for free and confidential evaluations of Jewelry, Stones and Watches as well as Silver.

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We receive many enquiries, and we are happy to give everybody a quick consult; however, this service is dedicated to a specific niece of goods; a good idea is to use the live chat function of the website to talk directly with a specialist. However, do know that we primarely focus on high end luxury items, such as Jewelry, Paintings, Watches, gemstones, diamonds and antique silverware. We don’t deal furniture, coins and such.

a Selection of Jewels

Love Knot Bracelet | SOLD

A half-polished and half-satin gold bracelet. Production c.a 1950.

Matassina bracelet | SOLD

So-called “MATASSINA” bracelet because the elements recall the skeins of the threads of the housewives of the past. C.a 1960.


Banana Bracelet | SOLD

The arched forms recall the exotic fruit. Embellished also by the internal and shiny link. Weingrill and Bulgari stamps. C.a 1950.

Bee bracelet | SOLD

A stylized, aerial bee, gold threads to form the outline for the precious stones – sapphires and rubies – for this bracelet. C.a 1950. 

Deco Bracelet | SOLD

A spectacular bracelet. The preciousness of this bracelet lies in the fact that we have the Weingrill stamps with the “FASCIO LITTORIO”. Firmed C.a 1940.

Lozenge necklace | SOLD

Necklace in yellow and white gold alternating with stylized lozenges; 70 cm long. Weingrill and Bulgari stamps. C.a 1970.


Snake bracelet with diamonds

Bracelet in “tubogas” – mesh that Weingrill used first – from the 70s embellished with two terminals with 2.00 ct of diamonds. C.a 1970.



Bamboo Bracelet

The reference to the bamboo trunk – symbol of resistance – is very clear. Perfect conditions. C.a 1960.



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Carlofilippo Mensi Weingrill began his internship in the family business after studying law.

He is the head of a fourth generation of a goldsmith family that originated in 1879. Educated on beauty and high aesthetic standards, attentive to market trends and needs, he has always collaborated with the best jewelers and designers.

Through the years, he has developed a strong skillset and a special network of customers in the field of jewelry evaluation, collaborating with auction houses and important retailers in the field of luxury jewelry and Art trade. Recognized all over the world.


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