Rolling Bracelets

The Original Rolling Bracelet

The rebirth of easy-to-wear “tubogas” is due to this iconic “rolling” bracelet created by Carlo Weingrill in the early 1980s. We have created a new version, as beautifully hand-made and bright as the 18K Gold ones, in Gold plated Silver.

The original jewel which you can also find in our online store, features circles of 18K gold intertwined together to form a unique and elastic bracelet in the three colors of gold to symbolize – according to the tradition wanted by Jean Cocteau – friendship (white gold), loyalty (yellow gold) and love (pink gold).

Created with the same design, sizes and color as the original version, these Rolling Bracelets are going to be an everlasting memory to treasure for generations.

Gold Plated over Silver

The new Rolling Bracelets line

The original Look and Feel, with a new material.

The construction, design and build quality of the New Rolling Bracelets is the same as the Original; the only thing that changes, is the core material. The Original Rolling Bracelets are 100% 18K Gold, while the New Rolling Bracelets are made of luxurios silver plated with Yellow, Pink or White Gold. 


18K Gold

The Original Rolling Bracelets

The original Jewel in 18K gold, at the best price.

The Original Rolling Bracelet, as sold by Sidney Garber, Beladora, Jennifer Miller and many other resellers, at the best price straight form the Designer. Feel free to compare the prices online; not only shopping for Rolling Bracelets at Carlo Weingrill offers you the best deal for the original jewel, but you can customize it to your liking without compromises (size, color, color combinations, gemstones, diamonds…).

You can use the form to request a custom design and quotation. 


Your new rolling bracelet

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Compare Rolling Bracelet

Making a comparison between the Original Rolling Bracelets and the New Collection is almost impossible. That’s because they look exactly the same. The Build qualtity, our original process, the thickness and reflectiveness of the materials are identical. The only variation is the material. One one side, the original 18 Karats Gold in Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow Gold, and in the new version the same Gold colors plated over Silver, for a lighter, easy to wear and more affordable marvelous jewel.

Rolling Bracelets,

designed for you.

The pictures and styles you’ve seen in the video are some standard combination of Rolling Bracelets. Contact us through the Live Chat or enquire with the contact form to request your handmade custom Rolling Bracelet!

Classic Rolling BraceletNew Silver Rolling Bracelet

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Custom Made Jewelry by Carlo Weingrill
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Who is Carlo Weingrill?

Italian Quality, Since 1879.

In 1879 Carlo Weingrill chose to become a goldsmith. His energy, devotion and talent started a long tradition which has now reached its fourth generation. Our Legacy is bound to core quality and emotional values. Unique, unmistakeable and unforgettable: harmony given shape.

Through time, Carlo Weingrill since 1879 has supplied and designed jewelry for BVLGARI, Cartier, and Tiffany, and is the original designer of the Tubogas Rolling Bracelet made famous by Jewelrs like Sidney Garber, Beladora, Jennifer Miller and more.


Today, you can finally buy directly from the maker.


A century of

Timeless Craftmanship

Since 1879, our family has been treasuring the secret of a know-how that has inspired a whole industry for the years to come, preserving an unmatchable tradition of quality. Discover our Roots and Heritage.