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The Original Domed Cuff

Round, flat and angular but at the same time rigid shapes, thanks to the help of stainless steel. Steel that, inserted inside the bracelet, gives it that rigidity that makes it easy to wear without any help. The bracelet has an oval shape so that it can fit better on a lady’s wrist. The measures are standard (56X45mm internal measures) but on request we can make the necessary changes in order to satisfy the wishes of every lady who wishes to have a Carlo Weingrill bracelet on her wrist. The profile of the bracelet is half-round and flat underneath so it can better adhere to the wrist and with a height of 10mm and a width of 24mm.


Defyning a Standard

The modern woman wants to wear glamorous, charming and iconic jewels but at the same time easy to wear and which go perfectly with all her outfits from the most casual to the most formal.


Carlo Weingrill had already – in the early sixties – anticipated these wishes, creating a series of easy-to-wear bracelets such as the domed cuff or the golden cuff.

Ready to wear and shine.

On our online jewelry shop you can find all the variations of our bespoken Tubogas Domed Cuffs, and identify the best combination of Color, brightness and size to match your style and personality.

Strands of yellow or pink or white gold created with fire from the fusion of silver gold and copper, straightened to form long golden hair and profiled and wrapped to form the precious external shell combined with the internal rigidity given by the stainless steel (symbol of hardness) create a handcuff around the thin wrists of career women or family mothers who want to be glamorous even when they go shopping. Maybe bringing an intriguing rolling bracelet to the domed cuff to complete an evergreen look.

Preciousness takes shape also thanks to steel.

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