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The Original Rolling Bracelet

The rebirth of easy-to-wear “tubogas” is due to this iconic “rolling” bracelet created by Carlo Weingrill in the early 1980s.

Three circles of 18K gold intertwined together to form a unique and elastic bracelet in the three colors of gold to symbolize – according to the tradition wanted by Jean Cocteau – friendship (white gold), loyalty (yellow gold) and love (pink gold)).

Created from the fire that melts the materials: pure gold, silver, copper to create the colors that are the soul of the jewel; the thread pulled by hand as if it were a thin hair and finally wrapped around the shape to be created.


Through Time

The elasticity conferred through a delicate series of hand made processes, the colors, the cleanliness of the surfaces and the obsessive attention to the finished product have made this iconic bracelet become over the years one of the most recognizable pieces of Jewelry in the world; also thanks to the people who wore it, from Jane Fonda to Oprah Winfrey, from the editor in chief of international fashion magazines to famous career women and many more, wearing them individually or stacking them, Rolling Bracelets are one of the most loved contemporary style and lifestyle items by women worldwide.

One Name, many stories.

On our online jewelry shop you can find all the variations of our bespoken Rolling Bracelets, and identify the best combination of Color, brightness and size to match your style and personality.

Carlo Weingrill creations are entirely produced by hand, thus leaving the combination of colors to the eclecticism of his customers. Every Original Carlo Weingrill Jewel is different, like the woman who wears it. 

The Rolling Bracelet is nowadays one of the most imitated Jewelry items, and many are the successful brands who recognize the legacy of the original design made by Carlo Weingrill, now available worldwide through our online jewelry shop.

An absolutely precious way of dressing your wrist with a unique and iconic object to be handed down from generation to generation.

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