Twisted Necklace
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The tubogas necklace,

with a twist.

Waves …. curves …. sinuosity and silkiness for this 18K gold tubogas necklace. But behind the creation of this necklace there is an almost fantastic story.


Paola’s creation.

Paola Weingrill – grandson of the founder Carlo – was evaluating the work of the Goldsmith in the laboratory. When she held the piece of flat tubogas in yellow gold in her hand, judging it not perfect and meeting Carlo Weingrill’s quality standards, she began to play with it, turning, twisting the tubogas, which did not break, and this necklace was born, simple but at the same time sophisticated. The twisted waves of Tubogas make shimmer light in different directions, creating beautiful reflection and light point when wore around the neck.

The beauty of Tubogas, renewed.

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Worn, it illuminates the face, thanks to its inclined surfaces, thus enhancing the features of the wearer. 42 cm long. in yellow gold, 18K gold wires wound on a flat shape and twisted 13 times to create these volutes, all the same almost waves.

Light, it weighs 75 grams, with a hidden closure it is a necklace that Paola envisioned for a woman of absolute determination and with a strong sense of humor, like she is.

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